Salesforce Developer - Remote and Longterm
Job Description

Payrate as a FREELANCE is $25/hr to $30/hr

Required Skills
5+ years doing Salesforce development with Apex language: Apex Controllers, Apex Triggers, Apex Batch, Apex Schedule, Future methods).
5+ years of development with Salesforce UI Development tools: Lightning Web Components (HTML, CSS, JavaScript), Aura Components, Visualforce.
5+ years of experience integrating Salesforce with external systems: Inbound/Outbound integrations, consuming REST/SOAP APIs, Apex REST, Salesforce Standard REST API, Connected Apps.
Deep knowledge of Salesforce declarative tools and configurations: Flow, Approval Process, Validation Rules, Objects, Fields, Custom Metadata Types, Custom Settings, Email Alerts, etc.
Experience on Salesforce Users and Security configurations: Profiles, Permission Sets, Sharing Rules, Object and Field level security.
Experience with AppExchange partner packages (i.e. CirrusInsight, Demand Tools)
Strong UI/UX skills
Proficient with SOQL and SOSL
Understanding of SQL Queries, Data Analysis and Structure
Must demonstrate good communication skills and be comfortable working with stakeholders and other team members to retrieve information, design and implement technical requirements
Apply for: Salesforce Developer - Remote and Longterm