3. Get your TN2 visa & GET A JOB!

You will invest in paying your visa TN2 ($180USD). AGR will return your investment once you start working.
If you travel to another city for the interview (your travel expenses).
Keep proof of your expenses and you will pay up to $ 200 USD for travel, hotel – one night and meals PLUS the cost of your visa.

3.1 Process to get the TN2 VISA

3.2 I have the TN2 VISA, what’s next?

We will help you find the job with our coaching and recommendations BUT no one better than you to find your IDEAL job and to present your credentials. Finding work takes work. You have to apply on LinkedIn, Monster, indeed and it says MINIMUM !!!

Eventually it will be necessary to travel to the USA to obtain your I-94 and your social security and driver’s license (a valid identification in the USA). We can discuss this once you have your visa.

3.3 Get A JOB! Here some advices to get your first job in USA

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