3. Get your TN2 visa & GET A JOB!

NOW you are ready to become an AGR associate… The first thing we need to do is GET YOUR TN2 VISA.

3.1 Process to GET YOUR TN2 VISA

We’ll support you to get the VISA with our partners and with our sponsorship letter and we’ll return your investment once you start working.

You will invest in paying your visa TN2 (USD 180 + 500 Mexican pesos) and If you have to travel to another city for the VISA interview we’ll pay up to USD 200 for travel, hotel – one night and meals.

3.2 I have the TN2 VISA, what’s next?

Eventually it will be necessary to travel to the USA to obtain your I-94m, your social security, phone number and driver’s license (a valid identification in the USA). We can discuss this once you have your visa.

3.3 Now GO and Get A JOB!

AGR supports you by presenting job opportunities and through our coaching, etc., BUT no one better than you to select your DREAM job. As an Associate you agree to also carry out the pertinent actions and searches, to be patient and diligent in this process, since it is based on mutual efforts that it is possible to obtain the optimal project conditions for each associate.

Your salary will correspond to 60%-70% of the contract with the company/client for AGR services. AGR will intervene and coach to you in the negotiation of the bill rate (never less than $50/hr – to receive a salary higher than $30/hr. If you want to earn $80,000 a year – AGR needs to sign contracts of $65/hr).

Salaries are paid in fortnightly schemes, upon presentation of TIMESHETS approved by your boss. If you have to move to the United States, your salary will correspond to 70% of the amount contracted between AGR and the client for services provided by AGR.

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